Objectives of the Centre

It is natural for children and youth to struggle when someone close to them is dying or has died. Something previously unreal and remote has become awfully real and terribly final. Like them, parents and caregivers may be experiencing deep grief and a sense of loss, and may feel overwhelmed and unsure how to support them during such a difficult time. It’s natural to feel this way.


grav3Parents and caregivers often share with us that they are not sure what to say and want only to protect the children and young people in their lives. This protection however, often leads to children not fully understanding what is happening and not being included in the dying process, death rituals, and family grieving.

This can complicate the already difficult feelings of grief they are experiencing. Although well meaning, “protecting” children in this way doesn’t prepare them for the reality of a loved one’s death.


Key Objectives of the Centre Are:

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  • Provide counselling and psychosocial support to children who are dying,
  • Provide counselling to children who are experiencing the death of a family member, before, during, and after a loss,
  • Facilitate educational and support-based groups for families and caregivers of grieving and terminally ill children,
  • Develop and deliver outreach initiatives and training to professionals, volunteers, and the community at large about the unique needs of children facing terminal illness and bereaved children.