Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


On Feb. 25, 2021, the Dr. Jay Children’s Grief Centre announced that it will cease to operate as of May 28, 2021. Please take a moment to review the following FAQ.

This is unexpected. Are you closing because of the impact of COVID?
The Centre’s funding has relied solely on donations and grants. Our dedicated base of donors and supporters, along with one-time grants, helped us stay afloat. However, this funding model is not sustainable and has significantly affected the Centre’s ability to plan for and provide predicable continuous service for our clients.

Since COVID, small charities like ours, as well as large non-profits, have seen a significant reduction in donations. The economic toll of COVID made our already difficult financial situation worse, and adversely impacted the Centre’s operations and future. Not only did COVID affect donations, but the pandemic forced the cancellation of Camp Erin-Toronto in 2020, fund-raising events such as bingo as well as other in-person events.

Why is this announcement being made now?
The most important reason is that between now and our closure, we are committed to supporting our current active clients and, if needed, to assist our clients transition to other care providers. We also need the time to complete scheduled groups, workshops and programs. In addition, the dissolution of the Centre involves a number of logistical tasks that take time to complete.


My child is receiving individual counselling, is in a group and/or in a program. We are supposed to see our counsellor next week. What happens now?
Our top priority through this transition is the well-being of the children, youth and families we currently serve. Over the next two months, we will be assisting clients who are currently involved in individual counselling, in a group and/or program. For those clients who may need to continue their care journey beyond that period, we will provide resources and information, and if needed, assist in transitioning to a qualified care provider, wherever possible. We will meet our commitments to previously scheduled workshops and groups during this period.

All currently scheduled appointments will go ahead with your counsellor as planned. For those active clients who do not have a scheduled appointment, please be assured that our staff will reach out to all of their active clients by phone or email. If you are currently involved in a service and have a question, send an email to either your counsellor or to and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We ask that you be patient with us as we have limited resources to respond to emails or calls.

There was a workshop coming up in March/April. Will it still happen?
Workshops that have already been scheduled will still be held. We are not scheduling new workshops.

I was previously a client. Can I see a counsellor before you close?
Unfortunately, we are not able to re-engage with past clients. If you, your child or family is in need of support and are not one of our current active clients, the following are some resources for your consideration.

We will post additional available resources and information on our website as they become available.

Are you accepting new clients? My family needs help. Who can we turn to if the Centre is closing?
Regretfully, we are not able to accept new clients. If you, your child or family is in need of support and are not one of our current active clients, the following are some resources for your consideration:

We will post additional available resources and information on our website as they become available.

What will happen to children, youth and families who need grief support in the future?
Supporting child and youth mental health remains a vital mission – one that other care providers share with the Dr. Jay Children’s Grief Centre.

Please bear in mind that the COVID environment has added to the mental health needs of children, youth and their families, including those dealing with grief and loss. We encourage those of you who have helped the Centre over the years to continue your commitment by supporting and advocating for services to help children, youth and families who have experienced grief and loss.

Some resources include:

I was hoping to volunteer at Camp Erin/Camp Kindness this summer. Is either of these Camps still happening?
Our volunteers, including those who made Camp Erin & Camp Kindness possible, have been vital to the work of the Centre, playing an important role in how and why we have helped so many children and youth through their grief. With the dissolution, the Centre will no longer be able to offer either of the camps.


How about a GoFundMe campaign or having a fundraising initiative?
We truly appreciate the passion and commitment of our supporters – you have helped us assist many children, youth and families through their grief. With the decision to cease to operate, we can no longer accept donations.

The Board of Directors has made the decision that the Centre must close and begin the process of winding down. Making this decision has been a difficult one for the Board of Directors, but we believe it is the responsible and ethical thing to do.

I just made a donation to the DJCGC. What will happen to it?
Please know that all donations we received, including recent ones, are critical to the Centre’s ability to serve our active current clients until our closure.

We are committed to fiscal accountability and responsibility to our donors and clients. If you would like to discuss a recent donation made before Feb. 16th, please contact us at

Can I still make a donation?
Effective Feb. 16, 2021, we are no longer accepting donations and donations received after that date will be returned.


This is very sad for us. You have been a great source of support. Will we have a chance to say good-bye?

The Centre has not yet had a chance to plan for an event and, of course, there is COVID to consider. However, we know how important it is to be able to say goodbye and celebrate the amazing things that have been accomplished. We want to give this some thought and also welcome your ideas at .

Will we still be able to access information from your website?
The website will continue to be maintained and all of our current materials on the website will be available for a period of time in 2021; after that, we will make arrangements to share resources with other community organizations. Check back on our website for updates.

I still have questions.
Please feel free to contact us at We will do our best to answer as soon as possible, but our resources are limited as we work with our clients through this transition period. Thank you for understanding.