Our Ten Pillars

Our Ten Pillars are:

1. Strengths Based
We support the development of skills and tools to maintain psycho-emotional health in the context of grief. Our programs build on the strengths of the children, youth and parents, and teach new skills for living and grieving.


2. Trauma Informed
When illness or death is experienced in a traumatic way or the child/family has experienced other common adversities resulting in trauma (for example, attachment issues, violence/neglect, health issues, etc.), we work from a trauma-informed model of care.

3.Counselling and Support
Our holistic approach to grief recognizes the complex effects on all aspects of a child’s life.
4. Flexible and Responsive
Our flexible family counseling model allows for responses based on the needs of client and their families – we respond to families at the level of need for intervention, ranging from a brief model to longer term psychotherapy.
5. Non Pathologizing
We view death as part of the natural life cycle and promote a worldview of grieving as natural, healthy and a universal human experience. 

6. Family Based
Recognizing that children’s wellbeing is tied to the wellbeing of their family we work with parents around their parenting and families around the family experience of grief.
7. Grief as an Iterative Process Over Time
Our program promotes continued connection over time as children age and their grief changes with their developmental stages. Families can return for additional support at different stages, recognizing that grief transforms and surfaces at different times in someone’s life.
8. Environmental/Systems
Children’s wellbeing is impacted by their family, school, social and community systems and environments. Our program works with extended families and schools to promote integrated support for children and their families.
9. Therapeutic art and play
Recognizing that art and play are a child’s natural language throughout development, and that grief is often wordless as it is processed in many parts of the mind and body, we utilize creative modalities to safely express and give voice to the experiences and concerns of children and youth in their grieving.
10. Community Involved
We work to build community through group events and programs to diminish isolation, create supportive connections and normalize experience for grievers.