About our Family Support Program

Our Family Support Program offers a variety of opportunities for families to build a sense of community following a death.

Family Nights are held monthly from September to June. These events bring families together to share a meal and engage in an activity that promotes connection to each other and the people they are grieving. Events are open to all families who are clients of DJCGC.

Our Concurrent Support Groups are 8-week closed groups facilitated by a grief counsellor and co-facilitator with lived grief experience. Groups offer parents/caregivers the opportunity to experience support for parenting while grieving, to increase their network of care, and to gain strategies for supporting their kids’ grief. At the same time…. children…..

The Littles (toddler-8) and Middles (9-12) Groups are 8-week closed groups for children that run concurrently with the Caregiver Support Group. These groups use movement, art and games to support kids to explore and express their grief, all while connecting with one another about their shared experience. The groups run twice annually.


Family Nights Infographic