Grief is not something to "get over".  It will always be there, and the person hurting just needs others to support them, not just for the short term, but also for the long-term.

Our program, the only one in Canada, provides a free service of grief counselling to dying children and to children whose parent or sibling is dying. We have professionals who are devoted to teaching caregivers, medical professionals, families and children to deal with grief, dying and the healing process.

"My life felt over at that point. My health took a steep downturn and I didn't know what to do to save it. That was when I started going for grief counselling and it very well saved my life. Keeping all your emotions in is something you should never do, and I learned there is someone out there that is willing to listen to you. You are never alone."
—Robert M., A Bereaved Son

“I learned from my counsellor that sometimes you can't fix things or people. And you just need to let the sadness or the anger be there and then pass through you. And remember that it helps to talk about how you are feeling. Talking helps things get better."
—L.C., A Bereaved Child

"The deterioration of my husband's health was very frightening to our children. We wanted him to die at home, but we were concerned about how this would impact the kids. The counsellors helped us to support and prepare the kids for their father's death. This reduced a lot of anxiety and fear for all of us. We are so thankful for the support we received."
—An Anonymous Bereaved Wife

All counselling is conducted in a flexible style, which may involve a mix of whole-family, parent-only and child-only supportive counselling, these sessions could include any combination of psycho-education, supportive counselling, supporting emotional processing and expression through creative or verbal means, supporting strength-building and problem-solving in family communication.

Following a death, families referred to our services are also eligible to attend family events, therapeutic groups and Camp Erin, and will be informed of additional resources in the community.