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“My son did have an outstanding weekend at camp. I believe that we as 'grown ups' working with grieving children can never really understand the importance and significance for them, to feel the sense of togetherness and the commonality they feel by being with other children who are walking a mile in one another's shoes. Chris told me that ‘words don't have to be spoken Mom, we just know how the other feels and that we are no longer alone’.”


“A huge THANK YOU – Kristen loved camp and has asked me at least 3 times to let you know she would love to go again if a space opens up that the last minute next year or any year – so whatever list she needs to be on please add her! Since this is her first, away from me for more than one night experience, it must have been great for her to want to come back. If I was a rich widow I would so happily fund camp for your guys. I hope you all survived intact and had a great weekend as well. You are all so amazing – I cannot say that enough times.”


“I want to thank you for the opportunity that the kids had to attend Camp Erin. They came home with so much to share! When I asked Mark what he liked best about the experience, he said, "Everything". That's Mark, casts his net wide. I know Camp Erin made an impression on Mark, to see that there were other children with difficult times too. I think too that at his age now, he is processing his daddy's death from a different developmental stage and perspective. Even though it has now been 3 years since his daddy's death, Mark is still trying to figure things out. He now has more consciousness and reasoning ability and the fact that he continues to have support and opportunities like Camp Erin, is so important! Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You!!"


"When my dad died, I felt like I lost my mom too. She did her best but had a hard time dealing with four kids on her own. I thought it would be like this forever and was afraid. I didn’t want to keep upsetting my mom so I kept it inside. When I went to the camp I met other kids who felt the same way. I also met counsellors who assured me that things would get better. I believed them because they had seen it before. I could talk to them about things I didn’t want to burden my mom with. I went back to camp this year as a leader in training. I felt strongly about giving back to a program that had given so much to me. " -MM, 14 yrs


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Hi Ceilidh;

The boys had a FABULOUS weekend!! They had so many stories to tell and made lots of friends. They loved all of the counsellors and activities. Now they are hounding me to go back again!!! I can't thank the clinic enough for this opportunity for them...otherwise I would never be able to afford to send them. I am very grateful to the person who helped financially....according to the boys his name was Stephen. Please pass on my gratitude.  Lisa


Lysa, Andrea, Heather, and all the Volunteers at the Max & B Winter Camp. The camp was a wonderful idea, brought together by such a great group of dedicated people.  While the kids and I entered the experience with trepidation, in the end they had a marvellous time and continue to speak with excitement about all the activities they enjoyed.  I particularly wanted to thank you for diminishing my safety concerns and going the extra mile to make the kids feel comfortable and secure. It is a step towards accepting that the world can be a safe place outside the security of our home and that we can begin to enjoy new life adventures again.  In the words of Craig, "it was sick" (that is a good thing).  Jill